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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cut down on the smell in my house?

The Litter-Garage will eliminate the odor that comes with having a litter box, because the litter box is located inside of the Litter-Garage, which is mounted in your garage. There won't be a smell in the garage either because of the larger amount of space and the increased airflow.

Will my cat track litter into the house?

The Litter-Garage's enclosed design ensures litter stays where it's supposed to. Litter that sticks to your furry friend's paws will be removed by the carpeted chute in-between your home and your Litter-Garage.

Do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping!

How do I install the Litter-Garage?

To install the Litter-Garage, please see our Installation Guide.

Does it meet fire code?

The Litter-Garage does come with a UL approved fire-damper which provides light and air to the box while maintaining most fire code standards. However make sure to check to check your local building and fire codes.

Will my cat be able to see inside the Litter-Garage?

The Litter-Garage does come with a screen window that allows your cat to see into the garage. The clear cat flap also provides light into the Litter-Garage.

Is all hardware included?

All of the necessary hardware (not including tools of course) to install the Litter-Garage comes with the product.

How do I access the litter pan to clean it?

You can scoop and clean the litter pan by opening the drawer box on the garage side.

Is it easy to clean the Litter-Garage?

The clean up process for the Litter-Garage is very simple. If you would like to clean the inside of the Litter Garage, simply open the drawer, remove the plastic litter pan, and brush or vacuum the drawer if needed.

Can I use any type of litter pan?

The Litter-Garage comes with a litter pan. You can reach out to us for a replacement pan or buy your own pan that meets the dimension requirements.

My cat won't use it, what do I do?

We've got some helpful trips for acclimating your cat to the Litter-Garage. Learn More

Is there a warranty with the Litter-Garage?

We do offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee, as well as a 2-year warranty on all parts.

Why should I buy this product?

The Litter-Garage provides some great advantages to the other guys out there. Check out our Features & Benefits page today for more details. - It's 'Clean Living With Cats'!

How much room does this take up my garage?

The dimensions of the Litter-Garage are: 24"x17"x17". You will need an additional 15 inches for the drawer to open.

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