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Features & Benefits

Kick your litter box experience to the next level.

Litter-Garage is committed to clean living with cats! Eliminate all the problems with cat waste—odor, dust, issues with other pets, small children, and pregnancy concerns with toxoplasmosis. And it’s built to last!

90 day money back guarantee with free return shipping

No litter box odor or dust inside your home

Keeps litter away from toddlers and other pets

Works for cats up to 25 lbs

Install in garage, screened porch, or carport—check local building code

Takes up no floor space in your home

No electrical power needed

Screened window and fire damper provides light and air to the box

Insect and rodent-proof

Steel construction with Rust-Oleum stone finish

Ball-bearing tracks for smooth drawer operation

Easy installation for the DIYer

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